I love working with my cards they know me and I know them. We work very well together and giving readings give me great joy. I hope to be able to give you guidance via them and lead you on the right path. Which only you can choose I just hope that with the reading you receive you listen to what spirit and the cards are trying to tell you. ..

We all have a spirit guide or even more. I first met mine when I did my very 1st ghost hunt many years ago.  She's quite serious and an elderly lady. She likes to go my the name FLO, however this was not her name in life. I ask her and she will laugh and say you just need to call me FLO and we will get along fine. I also have a young girl that works with me when I do reiki, she is quite shy and has scraggy long hair and never has it tied back  but has a self cut fringe just blow he eyebrows. ALICIA is her name, she like to appear in two different ages dependant on the client.  7-8 or 16-18. 

Alicia came to me when I was 17/18 in a dream that I wasn't aware she was my guide back then. She helped me through a time I was excited to leave the parental home but unsure of the adult world and bills etc.

It's safe to say that Alicia and FLO are defiantly  aware of one another. They don't however always get along but they do guide me in the same pathway. And are great use in my readings.